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Nieuwkoop: A paradise for nature lovers

Jan Kriek ©
Jan Kriek ©

The Nieuwkoop and Noorden lake area is a unique nature reserve in Europe. It is caused by peat stabbing, that since the beginning of the 17th century has taken place. The dried peat was in those days used for firing the stoves in the houses of the big cities in the Randstad (West Holland).

The natural reserve is nowadays managed and maintained by Natuurmonumenten. The area provides the permanent breeding ground for thousands of birds during springtime. Known and famous are the gull colony, the purple herons, cormorants colony and since a few years back the spoonbill. The latter has been increasingly returning here to breed due to the presence of a number of so-called wetlands that surround Nieuwkoop. Throughout the year a motley crowd of numerous bird species can be observed.

These wetlands are frequented by bird watchers from far and wide, from home and abroad. The Green Jonker at Noorden and the Ruygenborgh at Nieuwkoop are two of these wetlands.

Enjoy Nieuwkoop!


During summer, our visitors come to enjoy cycling, fishing and water sports. And during winter ice skating is also possible!

At the Tourist office VVV one will find beautiful cycling and boating routes to discover.

Boats are available for hire and there are plenty of restaurants and terraces.

The Hague artists are amply on display at the Museum and Sculpture Garden Rijlaarsdam, Nieuwveenseweg. And in the Reghthuys at Nieuwkoop you can find art exhibitions of regional / local artists year round. 


Nieuwkoop’s vast polders also give an amazing opportunity for hours of walking or cycling. A very popular bike tour is the Nieuwkoop-The Meije route consisting of 20 km, where the cyclist can be transferred from side to side of the lake by the Solar-powered boat (Zonneveer) starting from the church in Noorden.

That boat trip lasts about 55 minutes and takes you through a unique wetland. Your host of the B & B is one of the sailors on this ship and will be happy to sail across with you.

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